Dietetics - About


My interest in nutrition began when I was 17 years old. At that tender age, for strictly personal reasons, I have decided to change completely my eating habits and it was that decision that shaped my career path in the years that followed.

Knowing in advance that Britain is one of the leading countries in the field of dietetics I had no trouble choosing London Metropolitan University and the Department of Dietetics as the place to begin my studies. The Head of the Department, Dr. Maggie Sanderson, was the one that cemented the presence of dieticians in the community, with the sole purpose of promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyle to all its members throughout the nation. Up until then, that was a task entrusted exclusively to hospitals’ personnel. Furthermore, the London Metropolitan University was the only British University that offered its graduates a degree in clinical dietetics and nutrition. My degree choice paid off, since it involved a high number of essays, as well as many months of placements.

My placements in hospitals started the very first year of my studies, working as a volunteer at Whittington Hospital in London, in order to gain some experience in the field of clinical dietetics and to develop me communication skills with patients. My second placement was in Bristol University Hospital, where I was given the opportunity to participate in one of the leading research centers for curing cancer, the Bristol Oncology Centre, and to cooperate with the dieticians working there.

I have graduated as a clinical dietician in the year 2000. Having established a great rapport with my professors, I have decided to continue my academic pursuits in London Metropolitan University, choosing the field of research and teaching this time. My research focused on people with an active metabolism, who are capable of consuming large quantities of food, without gaining weight and the reasons why they are able to resist obesity.

During my time as a researcher, I had the opportunity to participate in many seminars on patients’ psychology and health professional’s communication skills, as well as seminars on obesity and nutrition, conducted by leading scientists in the field of nutrition in Britain and the USA.

At the same time, I was working as a member of the multidisciplinary team concerned with cancer treatment in Cromwell Hospital, in London, offering my services mainly in the Hospital’s cardiology and oncology units. My time there helped me improve my clinical experience, mainly working with patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and malnutrition.

Moreover, for three consecutive years, I have developed my teaching skills, teaching nutrition for health and sports to both graduate and post graduate students while also participating in their research projects, since I was in charge of the University’s Nutrition Lab.

After spending ten years of my life in London and having gained as much knowledge and experience as I could in my chosen field of work, I have decided to move back to Greece, where I could open my own practice and offer my services.